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Leonid Kosmodemyanskiy

A physician, MD, Professor, Department of Homeopathy Medical Institute FPKMR People's Friendship University, Professor, "the Moscow Institute of Homeopathy" full member "of the European Academy of Natural Sciences", a member of the "International Medical Homeopathic League," a member of the "Russian Respiratory Society", a member of the "European the scientific community, "the deputy chief physician of medical work," Moscow homeopathic center, "chairman of the section on homeopathy scientific organization" Professional Association Naturotherapeutists ", board member of the" Russian homeopathic society, "Deputy Chairman of the" National Council for Homeopathy ", member of the working group of the Advisory Council to improve the legislation in the field of complementary medicine Health Committee of the State Duma.

Executive Secretary of the scientific and practical edition of "traditional medicine", scientific secretary of the scientific and practical edition of "homeopathic Yearbook", associate editor of scientific journal "Reflexology and complementary medicine."

Awarded: S.Ganemana medal "For outstanding contribution to the development and scientific basis of homeopathy" (2005.), Albert Schweitzer Medal "For humanism and service to the people" (2006). Medal R.Koha "For the development and introduction of new medicines "(2008)., the diploma" Honorary researcher in Europe "(2008). Medal Hahnemann Moscow Institute of Homeopathy" For contribution to the training of professional personnel for homeopathy "(2009.), Anton Chekhov medal" For high professional achievements and devotion to duty of the doctor "(2011.), a diploma and a cross" For the commemoration of the War of 1812 "(2013.), Dr. medal. FA Meysmera (2014.), Korsakov Medal "For outstanding contribution to the world of homeopathy" (2015).

Author of more than 126 published scientific works.

Thesis "syndrome of reperfusion in acute myocardial infarction: the dynamics, treatment, prevention," he defended in 2000.

Doctoral thesis "intersystem interactions in the formation of the professional health of dangerous professions: analysis, evaluation and correction of" defended in 2011.


Major work on homeopathy:

"Homeopathic medicines: a guide for doctors, pharmacists' (teaching aid). M .: Astral, 1999. - 252 c. [Contributors: Patudin AV Mishchenko VS, Nechayev NP].

"Materials examination of the text on homeopathy (doctors and pharmacists)." Training handbook. The Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation. Scientific clinical-experimental center of traditional methods of diagnosis and treatment. M .: OJSC «Holding« EDAS », 2002. - 152 p. [et al: Ageev TK, Bochkareva EV, Bulgakov LV, Zach MS Zamarenov NA, Kiseleva TL, Queen NA Kostennikova ZP , Kuleshov GA, Loktev AA, Lurie LE, Maryanovsky AA, Ostrovsky AZ, Sanin VV Titieva NM, EN Tyurin, Tsvetaeva E.V.M.].

"Introduction to homeopathy." Monograph. - M .: "NPO" OVAL ", 2003. - 106 p.

"Homeopathic medicines in the treatment of hypertension." Training handbook. Chapter XXVI Modern aspects of treatment of hypertension. Acad. "Reglis", 2005. - p. 332 -336. [et al: Sharandak AP Chubarov MV]

"Homeopathic doctors composition LV Kosmodemyanskiy for the treatment and prevention of inflammatory respiratory diseases and their complications, as well as methods of their use. " Patent. Copyright certificate - patent for the invention № 2362575. - 2007. - with. 14.

"Diagnostic Analysis Repertory" (DAR) program for computers. Certificate of state registration of the computer program № 2010616735. It is registered in the registry of the computer programs - 08.10.2010, the [co-authors: Makarov, PA Kuzmin VN].

"The new formula health or respiratory inflammatory diseases and applications of new homeopathic compositions." Monograph. M .: ECC "Akademkniga", 2010. - 96 p.

"Homeopathic medicines authorized in the Russian Federation for use in public health and veterinary medicine." Training handbook. 6th edition, revised and enlarged. M .: "Mark", 2011 - 352s. [et al: Patudin AV Mishchenko VS Ilienko LI]

"Intersystem interactions in the formation of the professional health of dangerous professions: analysis, evaluation and correction of violations." The thesis for the degree of Doctor of Medical Sciences., 2011 - 203 C.

"Homeopathic doctors composition LV Kosmodemyanskiy for the treatment and prevention of inflammatory diseases of the digestive system and their complications, and how to use them. " Copyright certificate - patent for the invention № 2476232. 2013. - with. 1-44. [co-authors: Dolgov EM, Mishchenko VV Samohatko EV].

"Expert medical system of homeopathy - Diagnostic Analysis Repertory" ("EMC DAR") computer program. Certificate of state registration of the computer program № 2013618704. It is registered in the registry of the computer programs - 09.16.2013 r .. [co: Brovchenko SV].


Born on 05.19.1966 in the city of Kaluga.

In 1993. he graduated from the Medical Faculty of Moscow Medical Dental Institute. NA Semashko.

Primary education in homeopathy was in 1992. on the basis of the Moscow homeopathic clinics.

From 1993-1994. ENT doctor.

Since 1994. at the moment, he is working as a therapist in the Moscow homeopathic center.

From 1995-1997. Head of Department "Homemakers" Moscow homeopathic center,

From 1997-1999. head of the Department of postgraduate training in homeopathy "Faculty of Homeopathy" Moscow homeopathic center.

1999-2010gg. Rector of the Moscow Institute of Homeopathy.

In 1995-2000. He led the research work as a freelance employee of the department "Emergency conditions in the clinic of internal diseases" Moscow Medical Academy. Sechenov.

Since 1998. on the recommendation of the Scientific Advisory Board of the Moscow homeopathic center participated in the study, the results of an international integrated outpatient treatment - IIPCOS-2. In this study, attended by leading homeopathic centers in the US, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium, UK, Spain, Russia and Ukraine.

In 1999. Coordinator of the international research ISH-10, held at the Moscow homeopathic center, whose goal is to evaluate the effectiveness of the homeopathic method in the treatment of chronic diseases.

2005-2011 years. He led research work in FGBU All-Russian Centre for Disaster Medicine "Protection" Health Ministry.

Author avaluation:

"Expert medical system of homeopathy as a modern method of survey, analysis and decision making in the selection of homeopathic medicines."

Makes 36 Acad. hours.

Training is conducted in the framework of the curriculum of the department of clinical homeopathy RUDN on the basis of "the Moscow homeopathic center"

The curriculum for students with a basic knowledge of homeopathy.

Perhaps distance learning.

Issued certificates - homeopathy experts.

Training program.

The uniqueness of the developed technique:

- Remote survey of the patient;

- The collection of complaints and anamnesis;

- Excluded distorting interpretation of the patient's complaints.

Main advantages:

- Optimization of the survey of the patient;

- Automated analysis of collected data;

- The patient has the ability to independently and with the help of a specialist, choosing the answers to these questions form the most comprehensive list of their symptoms and signs.

- On the basis of information received EMSG conducting a mathematical analysis of compliance of selected symptoms and signs of homeopathic medicines;

- On the basis of the analysis obtained EMSG specialist has the ability to more accurately determine the choice of a homeopathic drug.

- An open on-line access for patients to a system of survey and a quick search of symptoms;

- Closed on-line access to the full data analysis - allowed only for professionals have confirmed their qualification - expert on homeopathy.

- Advanced Search - forming a search query on the database.

- Full analysis - graphic display of results and table clearance of symptoms and corresponding FPPs.

- An independent and automated ranking of the importance and extent of symptoms.

Practical lessons:

- Remote survey of the patient;

- Intramural survey of the patient;

- Analysis of the data.